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Area of Policy Recommendation Responsible Actors Policy Recommendation Nr. of Roadmap Action Funding Requirements Leagal Requirements Research Requirements
Political Commitment EU policy makers, EU legislators Implementation of further digital services on EU level in order to enhance cross-border OOP implementation PA.4 Provide funding for the research activities AND the implementation of cross-border digital services identified as drivers for OOP Research activities for the identification of potential cross-border digital services with added value based on OOP.
Legal Interoperability EU policy makers, EU legislators Development of guidance for a clear and sufficient decision-making power structures in order to overcome unclear responsibilities LA.6 Provide financial support to the EU Member States in order to develop guidance Support the research activity on national level in order to define cross-border equipollent entities and procedures
Motivators EU policy makers, EU legislators Improvement of awareness raising on the positive impact of the once-only principle among citizens on EU level MA.2 Provide funding for the awareness raising of the positive impacts of the (cross-border) OOP through seminars, workshops Create a project groups for a cross-border excahnge of information
Citizen-centred design EU policy makers, EU legislators Identification of citizen and special citizen groups needs by consulting citizen representatives in order to raise the acceptance level of OOP implementations CCA.1, CCA.2 Provide financial resources for interactive sessions and workshops in order to identify citizen needs with the participation of representatives of citizen groups and to receive citizens’ feedback Research the needs of citizens as well as needs of special citizen groups by involving the target groups in order to engage citizens in cross-border OOP implementations
Organisational Interoperability EU policy makers, EU legislators Establishing EU-wide reference processes for secure interaction and data exchange between different entities OA.4, OA.7 Provide financial resources for the development and common agreement of EU-wide reference processes for secure data exchange Invest in research to develop suitable methods and techniques for EU-wide reference processes, including process specifications