“The Once-Only Principle for Europe” Conference co-hosted by TOOP and SCOOP4C, took place on 24-25 September in Vienna, Austria. The event brought together nearly 150 participants from Europe and beyond - the key players in shaping modern digital governments. See the Agenda!


Presentations of DAY 1

Maria A. Wimmer & Ronald Sallmann: From national best practices to cross-border public services with OOP for citizens: A roadmap and policy recommendations from SCOOP4C.

Robert Krimmer: TOOP Project: Current Status and Outlook

Lefteris Leotaridis & David Mitzman: TOOP Pilots and Architecture 

Mónica Posada Sánchez: The APis4DGov study on digital Government APIs    


Presentations of DAY 2

Andrea Servida: Importance Of Once-Only For Policy

Hettel Varik: Single Digital Gateway & Once-Only

Lefteris Leotaridis: Cross-Border Implementation Of OOP In Europe Piloting Within TOOP 

Elsa Estevez: Implementation Of OOP In Latin America