TOOP publishes 1st Version of OOP Architecture

The Once-Only Principle Project (TOOP) has submitted a new deliverable to the European Commission.

The second deliverable of TOOP contains the first version of a generic federated architecture for the implementation of the once-only principle in Europe and was submitted on 30/06/2017. It supports interconnection and interoperability of national registries at the EU level as well as interoperability at the business and information level, to be extended iteratively in future versions. The architecture TOOP suggests, emerges from the principle of reusing existing frameworks and building blocks like EIRA, EIF, and the CEF Digital Service Infrastructures (DSI). It also takes into account the e-SENS European Interoperability Reference Architecture and the building blocks consolidated by the e-SENS project. The deliverable analyzes the selected building blocks with respect to their relevance, applicability, sustainability, need for further development and external interfaces. 

TOOP states, 

"The architecture builds on analysis of the TOOP requirements, on the experience of previous ‘Large Scale Pilot’ (LSP) projects, and on the know-how gained with implementation of the TOOP pilots."

TOOP will continue to work on the architecture in more detail and share their research with the EU Commission and the public.

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