ESC supports the host university to check student's education status and ease student identification as well as transfer of students report. However, it is not implemented in all Member States.


According to eIDAS regulation (EU regulation 910-2014), cross-border recognition of national eIDs will be mandatory from September 2018. However, it was not mandatory at the time of scenario development.


National information systems are fundamental base for decentralised cross-border OOP implementations. Therefore, the information systems have to connect with existing modules that enable cross-border operation and data exchange (e.g. with mapping tools such as EMREX).


This mapping tool has to be connected as a module to the HEIs in all Member States to be used in a cross-border manner. Currently, HEIs in just six Member States have the possibility to connect.


eDelivery exists as a EU building block to facilitate secure data transaction in cross border as well as cross-domain matters; however, it has to be implemented in different sectors including education and taxation. EU-wide secure transport protocols are pre-requirement for secure data exchange that is fundamental base for OOP implementation.


In general, technical stability is essential for smooth implementation of all scenarios. Particularly in medical services it is very crucial to have stable technical infrastructure.


Absence of the EU level, eDelivery building block prevents direct connection between independent government organizations (and businesses).


Infrastructures such as national portals and information systems provide essential base for the cross-border implementation of the OOP in different domains. Lack of these infrastructures (e.g. pharmacy portals in this scenario) have been identified as existing gap.


National portals and Information systems have to provide services at least in two languages (English and local language).


Multilingual code lists at European level are necessary in order to facilitate effective data exchange in this domain.