Introducing the Steering board – contributions and involvement in OOP

By kessmeyer

The Scoop4C Steering board provides external expertise to the project and makes recommendations on the direction and the achievements of Scoop4C. Its members are representatives from public administrations, citizen representatives and experts of academia and policy consultants, all within the area of administrative burden reduction through the once-only principle.

Since the kick-off of the project, the board has met twice in Koblenz, Germany and Tallinn, Estonia respectively. During those meetings the Steering board considers the vision for the once-only principle, discusses the project and its result as a whole, contributes to the stakeholder community and receives status updates. Discussions about the collaboration with the other once-only project TOOP are also included.

The Steering board has been and is continuously growing and contributing to the results of the Scoop4C project. With members of nine different EU countries, the Steering Board is able to provide diverse insight into practices of the once-only principle currently existing in the EU as well as opportunities the Scoop4C project could explore in order to achieve its goals.

The Steering Board will meet again in November 2017 in order to discuss further steps and development of the Scoop4C project.

Learn more about the board here: 

Scoop4C Website - Steering board